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University Travel CST#1015591-40

Airport: KOA , Kona main airport 

Online Flight Services: We recommend checking flights with an online search engine such as Kayak, which compares fares through various sources. Travelers who are reserving well in advance may wish to set up a price alert notification, which can be very effective at alerting you to special fare sales.​ 

Travel Agency Flight Services:  Should you require assistance, flight reservations are also available through University Travel. A $30 per ticket service fee applies to all tickets purchased from University Travel. For a quotation, you may either fill in the Flight Request Form to the right, or call (800) 821-5094 ext 212 or (818) 563-6113.
Pacific and UCSF 27th Annual 2022...

Suggested travel dates: Arrival Saturday, February 5 to Saturday, February 12
Meeting Dates: Monday, February 7 - Friday, February 11